May 2022


When Should You Schedule Your Newborn Photography Session?

It is a fact that newborn poses are the easiest and most secure to attain during your baby’s first fifteen days. After many years of photographing newborns, I have found that the sweet spot is between 5-10 days old.

All babies are different. There will always be exceptions. If it is convenient for parents, I recommend that they schedule their newborn photography sessions between 5 and 10 days.

A newborn baby is less likely to feel comfortable in curly newborn poses after 15 days. A newborn baby’s sleep habits change and make certain poses more difficult or impossible to attain.

Yes, newborn photography studios can capture beautiful portraits of babies older than 14 days. An older baby may not be able to pose for a photo.

However, this does not mean that your baby is no longer a newborn. Talk to your photographer if your baby is more than two weeks old. Perhaps a family lifestyle session.

When Is The Best Time To Book Your Newborn Photography Session

The ideal time frame for newborn photography sessions is very short so you need to contact your newborn photographer immediately.

Clients should contact me during their second trimester in order to book their newborn photography session. We will then set up a tentative date for the session within one to fifteen days of their baby’s due date.

We may make changes to the time and date later, depending on the actual arrival of the baby.

You can increase the chances that your photographer will be available for your baby’s arrival by contacting them early. You will also have time to contact another photographer if your preferred one is unavailable.

It’s also one less thing to do on your “getting ready baby to-do” list, which will only become more hectic as your due date nears.

You might still be able to use this article if you are near your due date or have just had your baby. New parents often call me to book a session for newborn photography. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate every request at the last minute, but we try our best to accommodate everyone.

Don’t delay! Get in touch with your photographer immediately to find out if they can accommodate your baby’s schedule within the first two weeks.

What’s Next?

Your photographer will send you a contract when you book your newborn session. They may also ask for a deposit. The contract will usually include a tentative date for your session. This will change depending on the arrival of your baby.

You should contact your photographer within the first few days of your baby’s birth to set up a time and date for your baby’s portrait session.

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